SEO Lessons 101: Links

Friends with benefits! Links, links and links!

Backlinking and linkbuilding is often seen as spammy by Google if not done correctly. That means if abused. However, the benefits can be quite huge if done in a proper way.

What is the proper way?

First make sure that you are not wasting any time with websites that don’t have too much traffic. On that note, the higher the rank of the website that links to you, the better. A SEO manager’s wet dream? Getting the competition to link to his website.

Second: Limit the number of links that you send from your own website. Maximum 2 from the same domain name. Try using the links inside the main body (in-line linking) and not in the sidebars. Linked images are just as good as text, as long as they have the proper ALT description.

Reciprocal linking is often assessed as spam by Google, so it’s better to create another sort of relationship with the websites that link to you, and not focus on linkbuilding activities between two or three websites.

Make sure to use an anchor text for each link. Also make sure that anchor text has at least one keyword that you are trying to promote. Always.

That’s it!
Tomorrow we will be talking about tags, descriptions, titles and anchors.