Digital marketing done right

The world might be increasingly digital but that doesn’t mean everything must follow. Some of us still believe that a good marketing campaign (read stunt) should combine offline marketing with digital marketing.

In today’s world – most agencies long stopped using a term that used to make quite a lot of difference. That’s TTL Advertising. Through the line.

What does that mean? Well, for the ones of you out there that don’t know, in the most simplest of terms, TTL advertising means combining an offline campaign with a digital, online, televised or radio one.

Here’s a nice TTL marketing stunt pulled by Carlsberg.

They took over 100 mean-looking, bearded of what appears to be bikers, they shoved all of them in a movie theater and left only two seats left.

The results are nothing short of hilarious.

The moral of this short story?

Brands that have a sense of humour have a lot to gain. Humour – right there up with sex – is one of the most powerful weapons that marketing and advertising have. Do not fear the humour. Embrace the humour. Use the humour.