SEO Lessons 101: Links

Friends with benefits! Links, links and links! Backlinking and linkbuilding is often seen as spammy by Google if not done correctly. That means if abused. However, the benefits can be quite huge if… Continue reading

Digital marketing done right

The world might be increasingly digital but that doesn’t mean everything must follow. Some of us still believe that a good marketing campaign (read stunt) should combine offline marketing with digital marketing. In… Continue reading


Originally posted on andsome blog:
It’s been a busy 2012 for the andsome bunch. Oodles of awards stuff – 30 nominations in total/13 shiny trophies collected so far. Lots of andsome busyness –…


Originally posted on Thesis Website:
By Asifo Shah Consumer behavior refers to the selection, purchase and consumption of goods and services for the satisfaction of their wants. There are different processes involved in…

how advertising can change your sense of taste

We all have our brands that we like and brands that we stay away from. It makes sense. We, as humans (and even as animals, because apparently they do this too) make a… Continue reading

Smoking made women independent

Up until World War I, smoking was seen more as a man habit and women smoking were pretty much looked down upon in society. God forbid for a smoking woman on the street,… Continue reading

20 ways to spot a liar

Whether you’re an avid marketing man or an advertising man, whether you work in another area of a business or whether you just want to learn it for the social aspects, the art… Continue reading


The old debate about whether pricier goods are more qualitative or if it’s merely a marketing trick is still present to this day, and for good reasons. Mainly, the debate cannot be settled… Continue reading

Advertising and marketing stunts that changed the world – part 3

3. The coffee break Coffee is becoming more and more popular and there are people who drink more coffee than any other beverage over the course of a day. Why is it so… Continue reading

Advertising and marketing stunts that changed the world – Part 2

2. How the world got fat even further. Not even two or three decades ago portion size used to be a lot smaller. Not just in fast-food (but most importantly there), everywhere. And we’re… Continue reading

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